The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic contributes to creation of the unified state policy of the Slovak Republic, to the
extent of its responsibilities and competences it exercises state administration and fulfils further tasks stipulated in laws and other generally binding legal regulations. To the extent of its defined responsibilities and competences, the Ministry is also liable for defence issues and formation of conditions favourable for implementation of requirements for ensuring the preparations for defence and security.

Strategy Section, Department of Industry and Innovation at the Ministry of Economy is engaged in the ClusterCOOP project.
Department activities are concentrated mainly on: the development and implementation of Innovation policy and Strategy of the Slovak republic; elaborating a European industrial policy to conditions in Slovak republic; analyzing of innovation potential and promoting innovation activities
- innovative tools for creating a suitable proinnovative business environment; supporting of the SME’s development and facilitating the growth of competitiveness of SME’s, including supporting tools preparation and ensure continuity of support programs for
SME; development and implementation of laws and government regulation of chemicals legislation.