Regione Piemonte

Regione Piemonte is the regional governmental body of Piemonte, located in North-Western Italy.

It has around 4,5 million inhabitants (7,4% of the Italian population), and a total GDP of 124 billion € in 2010.
The region is dynamic in industry and in services, with a skilled, flexible and versatile workforce.
It hosts research, education facilities and competence centres of international standing, that are contributing to the consolidation of an increasingly knowledge-based economy and society.

The region has a network dedicated to R&D made up of 4 universities, more than 220 public and private research centres, 380 laboratories, 6 technology and science parks, 12 innovation clusters. The total R&D expenditure is 1,9% of the regional GDP (against a national average of
1,2%), with private investment in R&D accounting for the 75% (17% of total private investments nationwide). The territory has a strong financial and manufacturing structure, produces 8% of Italy’s national wealth and hosts about 469.000 companies. Piemonte, internationally famous for being the cradle of the Italian car industry, also hosts top-class enterprises active in robotics, ICT, life sciences, energy and environment, aerospace, industrial design, logistics, pharmaceutics, healthcare and agrofood.
The regional government is strongly committed in the promotion of innovation and research, fostering collaboration between research and businesses and implementing an active cluster policy in sectors of excellence (including renewable energies, ICT, biotechnologies, agrofood, creativity and multimedia, chemicals, new materials). Piemonte was the first Italian region to implement a cluster policy, supporting the creation of 12 Innovation clusters: a new policy tool to support the competitiveness of enterprises, promote the sharing of knowledge and foster innovations in products and services.