The City of Rzeszów

The City of Rzeszów - is the capital of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, situated at the eastern EU border. The city is the economic, scientific and cultural center of south-eastern Poland. It is the seat of many clusters: Aviation Valley, Podkarpacka Informatics (IT) and Poligen (plastic) just to mention a few of them.

With 60 thousand students and modern education - including Poland’s only specialization for “civil pilots’ aviation” at the Rzeszów University of Technology and “aviation management studies” at the University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszów is the regional center
of education. There is also an ultramodern laboratory of criminology at the School of Law and Administration and innovative courses at the Center of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer of Technology and Nature at University of Rzeszow.
Rzeszów increased its budget by 0.8 billion PLN in the last 9 years and is among the cities with the highest volume of EU funds obtained per 1 inhabitant: approx. 1300€1.

During the last 5 years, Rzeszów has been enlarging its area by incorporating adjacent villages. From the city of 54 sq km., Rzeszów has increased to 116 sq km. As a result, the city’s population has grown to 200,000. Another expansions are planned within the next years.
EU funding has enabled a number of important municipal projects, in fact Rzeszów is one of Poland’s main EU-funding beneficiaries.
Total value of projects implemented with financial support from the European Union (on the basis of agreements and decisions): 250.000.000€.
Rzeszów is a member of the Eurocities, an international association of cities which affiliates Europe’s largest metropolises.
Rankings in leading Polish periodicals place Rzeszów in top positions regarding wealth, investment outlays, living standards and safety.

For 8 years the City of Rzeszów holds the Fair Play Commune title and in 2011 Rzeszów was awarded the “Poland NOW” national promotional emblem. In 2012 Newsweek qualified Rzeszów as a Business- Friendly City.
Rzeszów is a beautiful city, uniquely combining tradition and history with modern-day dynamism. Candour, hospitality and the passion of the city citizens for new ideas and initiatives create a distinctive and friendly atmosphere for tourists and investors. Rzeszów is a good place to live, educate and do business.